We Dream Big - Our 5 Year Plan


We dream big around here.

I mean, huge. And so should you!!!

Here are some of our astoundingly ginormous goals for the next 5 years. 

  1. Nationally syndicated radio program.   Wait.  What?!  Darcy, you are being just plain silly.  But in all seriousness, I would love to host a radio show where people can call in (maybe around lunchtime) to ask for guidance, share their success stories and where I can provide a little comic relief about how to handle situations in the workplace.
  2. New York Times Best Seller.  A children's book about being kind.  Because if we don't teach the next generation on how to be kind, treat others well, have fun and lead with respect - any progress we make may simply go down the drain.  And besides, what's cuter than a kid's book? 
  3. YouTube Channel.  Create a collection some amazing music videos that can be played at workplace functions to add some fun and possibly ease some tension.  Wait.  What?!  Again, Darcy, you are just plain silly.  As silly as it sounds, studies show that music connect people, so let's bring our colleagues together at the expense of laughing with (at!) a lady who just wants to make the world a bit more fun and a bit more kind through music.
  4. Speaker/Trainer/Coach.  Services Fortune 500 companies/Universities and their employees/students.  Create a truly sought-after program that will improve the bottom line, be interactive and provide actionable tips for employees and students on the principles of Pin & Pivot.
  5. Annual Events.  Events where hundreds of people can come together to network, get tips from panels of influential and entertaining HR/Finance/Marketing/Sales/Legal representatives, get freebies, eat delicious food, take fun pictures and spread the word about Pin & Pivot's kindness movement.
  6. Oh - one bonus goal.  Get sponsored by Sharpie highlighters.  Not even kidding.  Check out my car from this morning.  Mints and highlighters.  That's all I need to get by.

The point of these goals is simple:  to create a kindness movement and provide influence in several different ways - via several different media paths.  Not in a hokey way, but in a real, fun, meaningful and actionable way.  By giving tips, templates, courses, training sessions, ideas, motivation and some comedy towards how to launch/boost/excel our careers and make the workplace a better environment along the way.

When I read these back, they seem ridiculous.  I mean, truly ridiculous.  However, stranger things have happened in my life.  For instance, I had 3 children within 2 years and 6 days.  That is a way more wild ride than these 5, I mean, 6 goals. 

Happy New Year, my dear friends and colleagues!!!

Caitlin Moore