5 Ways to Celebrate Your Boss


“A good manager is a man who isn’t worried about his own career but rather the careers of those who work for him.”  – H. S. M. Burns

Bosses.  There are great ones, good ones and less than ideal ones.  We’ve had them all.  
It’s easy to take bosses for granted – even the less than ideal ones - especially if we don’t connect with them on a personal (or even a professional) level.  
Let us remember that these people have a huge impact on our daily lives and on our professional reputation.  Yet, the thing we often forget is that WE have a HUGE impact on their lives as well.  
So, let us celebrate them – in a non-goody-two-shoes kind of way!  In the kind of way that lets them know we appreciate the way they support us, develop us and trust us.

Here are 5 ways to celebrate your boss for boss’s day (or any day):

Break bread  

  • Savor a delicious meal together with your boss.  It gives the entire team a chance to participate and bond, and it makes your boss feel appreciated.  Lunch is great, but breakfast is even better.  Take them to breakfast before work, so no one will be distracted and the team can focus on appreciating the boss!
  • Bring in donuts.  My standard response to most questions…
  • Have a potluck with your boss’s favorite foods.  The thought behind knowing their favorite foods is just as amazing as the chicken tacos or spicy chili you will be making!


Who doesn’t love a gift?  It’s so thoughtful.  Gifts are especially nice if they come from the department are a group of employees.  
Here are some gift ideas:

  • Red Stapler.  If your boss likes the movie, Office Space, they will get a huge kick out of getting a red stapler.
  • Tickets to their favorite sporting event.  Alternatively, a gift certificate to their favorite sporting goods store.
  • Cookbook.  If you know they love to cook/grill/bake.
  • Tea or coffee gift basket.  
  • Gift cards.  You.  Can.  Not.  Go.  Wrong.


  • Balloons have a real knack for making people feel amazing!  
  • Jars of candy – it’s pretty and it’s pretty delicious.  
  • Make signs that say something like:
    • The Coolest Boss
    • The Funniest Boss
    • Company record for the most coffee consumption per morning


  • Share the wealth.  Send an email to your boss’s boss telling them a few great things about your boss – and be specific.  Blind copy your boss on the email, so they know what you are doing, but it does not make it awkward for anyone else on the email.
  • Nominate them for something.  If they are part of an industry-wide association, nominate them for an award or recognition.  Then tell them you did it…and maybe show them the nomination letter.  That will mean more than you will ever imagine to them.

Thank them

  • Write them a hand-written note.  You know…when we stop using our keyboard and put some pen to paper….it’s so old school and I love it!  

  • Tell them why you are grateful for them.  Here are some ideas:
    • Thanks for taking a chance on me.
    • Thanks for trusting me with a challenging project.
    • Thanks for making us laugh.
    • Thanks for standing up for our department when tough decisions are made.
    • Thanks for being a great leader.

Bonus Tip:  Do Your Job Well.  That is all they really want anyway.

Hope these will give you some ideas on how you can celebrate your boss!  They are valuable relationships in your career and we don’t often spend enough time appreciating all they do for us behind the scenes.  

If you have any other ideas for celebrating our bosses, please give us a shout!

Have a wonderful day, my friends and colleagues~