Why Kindness Matters

Be Kind.  Work Hard.  

This mantra is something that I live by every day.  Most people can agree 100% with the working hard aspect of it.  That makes business sense.  But some people can’t wrap their mind around why we should be kind - especially in the workplace.  

So, why does kindness matter, my friends, and colleagues?  Here are 5 reasons why kindness matters in the workplace.  


You Don’t Know What Is Keeping Someone Up At Night

Everyone has something that keeps us up at night.  No one is exempt from sadness, struggle or despair. Being kind to someone who is secretly struggling may impact them in ways you will never truly comprehend. We all have our own unique journeys.  The stress and devastation that might be quietly haunting your colleague from a variety of sources might be lessened if you are simply kind to them – even if they aren’t being kind to you…in fact, especially if they aren’t being kind to you.

Things that could be impacting your colleagues or their family are:  divorce, financial destruction, cancer, horrific medical diagnoses, custody battles, addiction, depression, anxiety, suicide, behavioral issues of children, parents with dementia, house fire – and the list goes on and on.  

We don’t know what is keeping them up at night…so give them a bit of grace.  You will certainly need some grace and kindness when (not if) one of those items comes across your journey.  

Life is tough.  Let’s not make it harder for someone by choosing not to be kind to them.


Whether you lead a team of hundreds, lead a process or simply lead your own workload, you have the power to impact your life…your workplace…the world!  That’s not an exaggeration.  Your simple act of kindness – not what you say, but how you say it – sets the kindness train into motion.  So, get that train on the tracks!

Lead with kindness and respect.
Lead with respect, not fear.
Lead by example, not by your words.
Lead with integrity, not retaliation.   

Open the door for someone.  Tell someone thank you for just doing their job.  Ask them how they are doing.  That person will (frankly) probably be shocked and then is way more likely to be kind to the next person they interact with at work (or home). 


Kindness = Strength

Being kind can be construed as being weak.  Well, it just isn’t.  

It takes so much more strength (especially during times of adversity) to be kind than to be a j*rk.  It is very challenging to remain cordial and professional when someone is yelling at you or blaming you…but it is worth it.  So stay strong.  Be kind, even when it is hard.  

Take the high road.  There isn’t much traffic there.  


Kindness is a Magnet

Let’s think about kindness from a different perspective – as a customer.  Because at work, we all have customers – whether they are external customers or internal colleagues.  

As a customer, would you rather go to a store (or desk) where people are friendly, resourceful, fun, would bend over backward for you…or to a store where you are just a number or an inconvenience?  

Kindness breeds loyalty.  Company cultures are no different…so let’s train employees on kindness/integrity and make employees accountable for kindness as part of their annual performance reviews.  It will make the company culture better and then employees would want to stay – which helps retain better employees and save the company money on their bottom line.

That’s right, kindness might even make your company some money – or least save it some money!


It’s Just the Right Thing to Do

Deep down we all know that we should be kind.  My kindergartner learns that every single day at school – and somehow we have lost those principles as we got older.  

Let’s go back to what we learned as young kids.  Just be kind.  It’s the right thing to do.  

All of that being said, sometimes there are people that succeed who are not kind – not even close.  However, wouldn’t it be so much sweeter to succeed while being kind, gracious and professional – and to be part of the movement of making the workplace a better place!  Would it be nicer to succeed with a network of people that admire you for your success, not loathe you for it?

Be Kind.  Work Hard.  And have a wonderful day, my friends and colleagues~