How the Last Year Went – Where We Are Going – Personal Stuff


Hello, my friends and colleagues!Hope that your summer is going well!   Let’s do a quick recap of what’s going on with P&P:

1 Year Anniversary of P&P – 6/23/17

Just over one year ago, Pin & Pivot launched.  It has been a fun and busy year!

So, here is the real question:  What has P&P done in the last year?  

  • Trained and spoken with hundreds of people about the P&P principles
  • Hundreds of handwritten thank you cards were sent out in the world by audience members
  • Led several Facebook Live events that were attended by several hundred people
  • Helped individuals in their career journeys
  • Published blog posts on how to be more professional in the workplace

Certainly, we wish it was more…but we are thrilled with this kind of progress!

What is next for P&P?

We have some very big plans for the 2nd year of P&P.  In addition to working with additional companies, universities and individuals, we are adding a big piece to our company’s offerings!  Not to entirely spoil the surprise, but it will be an interactive show that will air every workday.  We will need your help to make it a huge success!  Stay tuned over the next few weeks.  We are thrilled about it and can’t wait to tell you more!  

Personal Updates

While P&P has been humming along, Darcy has some personal updates as well:

  • Um…she turned 40.  It was not as easy as she had hoped, but she has starting purchasing all of the anti-aging facial creams at Target.
  • She got a (dare we say, huge) promotion at her part-time job.  This has stretched Darcy in ways she was not prepared for…but alas, has given her new material for P&P training sessions!
  • She and her family moved to their dream home.  While the outcome is tremendous, the process of moving nearly put Darcy over the edge…so we are glad she is at a new home – with an office where she can work on P&P strategy and content!

Thank you!!

Most of all thank you for joining us on this journey!  We are grateful for your support of P&P!  


If there is any way we can help you or your organization, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Have a terrific day~

Caitlin Moore