What is professionalism?


Is it a tailored suit and tie? Is it gorgeous manicured nails? Is it perfect posture? Answer: None of the above. (GASP!) Professionalism is so much more than appearance. Yes, of course appearance it is a part of professionalism, but just one aspect of it. Professionalism is a combination of teachable skills that can launch – not just increase – but LAUNCH your career.* Whether you are a new graduate or in middle management or an executive – if you implement the tools of professionalism into your daily life, your career can launch in surprising and unbelievable ways! You might actually like going to work…okay, maybe not every day…but maybe you won’t dread going to work every day. From finding a job, getting promoted or networking more effectively, professionalism counts! The way we present ourselves and information during every interaction at work can absolutely transform our careers. Professionalism makes you stand out in your company. It makes you the person that people want to work with on projects. It makes you the person with a humongous network of trusted colleagues that you can rely upon at any point in your career. It makes you different. It makes you unforgettable. Professionalism is pretty simple. It is far from rocket science. It’s actually a lot of common sense. However, it turns out that common sense is often the last place we look when trying to make a positive change in our career. There are some basic principles of professionalism – here is a quick snapshot:

  • Communication – how can you be clear and concise?
  • Collaboration – why do people want to work with you?
  • Being Grateful – who has helped you along the way?
  • Being Genuine – what makes you so amazing?